Wednesday, October 04, 2017


The results are in from NCADD-NJ’s 2017 Survey of the 225 State Senate and Assembly Democratic and Republican candidates. 57 individuals addressed the written eight areas, and both the questions and their answers are available for viewing as a slider on the homepage of the NCADD-NJ website at Many of the respondents also elaborated on their thinking at various points of the questionnaire. All of the candidates received numerous questionnaires  from many organizations on a number of topics, and we are grateful to those persons who took the issue of addictions seriously enough to make the time to share their policy preferences with us. NCADD-NJ is non-partisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates for public office.

Of the 57 candidates who responded to our survey:

* 26 were incumbents, 25 were challengers, and 6 were running for an open seat
* 23 were Republicans and 34 were Democrats
* 52 view addiction as an illness
* 43 believe treatment is very effective
* 52 pledged to support funding to ensure that therapy is available to those who need it
* 44 support mandating that anyone revived from an opioid overdose be transported (with their consent) to a detox or treatment program
* 40 want to see opioid blockers kept on supply in public places, e.g. schools, libraries, sports stadiums, etc.
* 45 endorse the expansion of the number of Recovery Community Centers, and
* 43 support using public funds to do so
* 22 endorse the legalization and regulation of marijuana, and
* 36 support its de-criminalization (a number of respondents endorse both)
* 14 would leave present marijuana prohibition laws in place and unchanged
* 47 approve of criminal records expungement relief for individuals who can demonstrate long-term recovery
* 55 want to expand alternatives to incarceration for non-violent drug offenders
* 42 wish to restrict the use of isolated confinement in prisons and jails

* 52 approve the enhancement of drug, alcohol, and mental health programs in lock-up facilities