Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Imprisoned By Addiction | Surviving the County Jail

A new memoir, Imprisoned By Addiction was written by Dennis Brew, a survivor of a 20 year battle with addiction. The book answers common questions the average citizen might have about the experience of being in jail due to addiction. He shares his real life experiences with overcoming a daily heroin and cocaine habit and the life of deceit and crime that is often the result of chronic drug use.

Topics such as committing the crime, getting caught red-handed, experiencing the horrors of heroin withdrawal, finding out what it's like to be a minority, gambling, the legal system, public defenders and much more are covered in the book. "The disease of addiction is a worldwide epidemic, everyone knows somebody affected by addiction" says Brew.

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CIAHIA said...

Imprisoned By Addiction is the Real Deal...It is so truthful about the criminal stuff an addict will do to feed the addiction & how the addiction makes you forget about everyone and everything else that is important to you, all you really care about is your fix. I almost lost my family to an addiction & ended up in Passaic County Jail WAITING FOR A COURT DATE. It also is an excellent example of How FUCKED up the Passaic County Court System really is....They make people wait months & months just to go to court once. Why is Passaic County The only County that makes you sit there for several months for a court date. Just as the author stated in his book if you got locked up in Morris County or any other County rather than Passaic, you would be to court in less than a month...It is a great real life experience Book